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Here are some guides to find a job with the functions of the e-shop. tell me, if you have any suggestion for adding.

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Goods in e-shop is selected by categories and subcategories, then army truck you find in category army > whelled vehicles (vojenská technika > kolová vozidla) and in category vehicles > army vehicles (vozidla > vojenské vozy) and in category vehicles > trucks (vozidla > nákladní vozy, tahače).

To subcategories you have more ways. Left vertical menu contains all main categories with dropdown subcategories. Top horizontal menu contains some main categories. Next main categories you can open by icon on the right.

After selecting category will be displayed subcategories and goods.

E-shop offer bread crumb.

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New goods in e-shop

Goods newly added to the e-shop has been marked Novinka / Novelty. Under this parameter you can filter products in each category. Using the filter immediately update the list of found items. This filter may of course be combined with other filters - see Filtering.

Mark Novelty is denoted newly added goods, so it is not always about the news on the market. So even sold and newly added goods has been marked Novelty. Mark Novelty for goods set for 14i days.

List of all Novelties in whole e-shop, regardless of the categories can be obtained by dual way. Either go to category série | to vše bez dělení / series | all without division and then apply a filter Novinka / Novelty. Or use the direct link Nové zboží v e-shopu / New Products e-shop), which can be found in the left menu bottom of e-shop in the section Informace pro Vás /Information for you.

The list of last added items are available on a page of history replenishment. This page contains a links directly to goods in e-shop.

Warning: This page does not actualized! If e-shop will be indicated that the product was not found, goods is out of stock now. In case of any problems with e-shop contact me.

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In first registration step you insert email and password.

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For finalize your order use link next step of order "pokračovat v objednávce" in basket.

E-shop can't use other states now, sorry.
For shipping to abroad (expect Czech republic and Slovak Republic) please select state of delivering ("země doručení") Czech republic ("Česká republika"). Next you select delivering personally consumption of goods ("osobní odběr"). All next information about your order we send your by e-mail.

We require payment in advance. Details of payment will be determined by e-mail.
Postage will be calculate by your country and weight of parcel.
If you next don't accept shipping fees, this order is not obligatory for you.

In next step you insert customer data

For delivering to other delivering address you use checkbox "delivery to other adrress" ("Doručit na jinou adresu").
For insert note for seller you use checkbox "add note for seller" ("Zadat poznámku pro prodejce").

Setting of other delivering addresses.

List of other delivering addresses.
One address must be default ("výchozí").

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